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[Microsound-announce] gintas k Elementary Particles

      out now  gintas k mini album  Elementary Particles ,  3"CD-R, released 
by  Retinascan , RE340

      Every age has it's own instruments and instruments have their own 
timbres. A computer has become the main instrument in our time; sine waves 
and white noise - it's generated and most frequently used timbres.

      Gintas created this work as a podcast for folly by using 5 components 
and their symbolic meanings: 145 Hz and 235 Hz sine waves which are basic 
frequencies of male and female speech – harmony; white noise - disharmony; 
80 Hz sine wave which sometimes goes below the scale of human hearing – 
hell; 10 KHz sine wave which goes above the scale of human hearing – heaven. 
80 Hz and 10 KHz reveal musical infinity and human limitation and, in some 
way, human possibility to create infinity from his limitations.
      Later he was a bit unsatisfied with the limitations of the mp3-codec 
and so you can now buy the CD-R here in a neat packaging mirroring the 
purity of his sonic creation.

      The work consists of intro, outro, and four parts, that symbolize 
earth and the order of mankind. Rhythm as a driving force of living is a key 
element in all parts. Does this concept mean that I'm trying to create the 
universe of spheres? - No. Does it mean that conception is more important 
than music? For sure – not. Does it mean that music is above everything? - 
But music in these times doesn't exist ... there is only sound art.

      Elementary Particles  was commissioned as podcast to folly and 
SoundNetwork . thanks for your kind support !

      review :


      One my favorite CDR labels is Retinascan, who take great care for the 
covers, a rare thing in the world of CDRs. Both of these three inch releases 
come in nice printed cardboard boxes. Gintas K is of course someone who came 
across before and here he goes into conceptual edges of sound, working very 
specific frequencies that reflect male or female speech, 80hz sine wave 
'which sometimes goes below the scale of human hearing - hell, and 10 khz 
sine wave which goes above the scale of human hearing - heaven'. Originally 
made for a podcast, but of course it's hard to translate these frequencies 
into MP3 (a format unsuitable for any kind of experimental music, but that 
is probably a different discussion). It may seem altogether quite 
complicated, but Gintas K actually manages to create some nice music. 
Continuing his somewhat more crude

      sine wave cut ups of his previous releases, like a bastard (although 
in a positive manner) son of Alva Noto, his sine wave music has balls. Deep 
rumbling, cut to fit beats that are hardly danceable, but which are surely 
groovy. Still under the influence of early Pan Sonic, this is actually 
another fine release by this Lithuanian composer. (FdW)

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