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Re: [microsound] stockhausen RIP

Hey Andrew,

At least have the fortitude to tell me to fuck off on the list. Your email angered me when i realized it was off list because i consider it a personal attack, one that you might not want to share with the rest of the list for obvious reasons.

In regards to my original comment that angered you so, I call em as i see em. Sorry if that upsets you. Stockhausen was an outspoken person and his opinions were'nt just well documented, but he would be willing to defend his opinions in great detail. As i stated in my off list response to you, it does not take away from his brilliance.

Again have a great weekend.


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He had a well documented disdain for any one not traditionally trained in the music arts. He considered jazz music as slave or ghetto music. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Does that keep me from not recognizing or appreciating his brilliance? Not at all. Just upsets me is all. In the end he is a human and fallible like every one of us. Sorry if I upset u it wasn't my intention, nor did I mean to disrespect his legacy.

Have a great weekend


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On Dec 7, 2007, at 10:01 PM, "Andrew Deutsch" <adeutsch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You know what ---- fuck you.

Stockhausen was nothing like the shit people like you spread around.

He was a funny smart and very caring person.

Tony Conrad was wrong too. And Fluxus sucked.

Andrew Deutsch