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[microsound] Berlin 27th dec - 8th jan


i'm in Berlin definitely from the 27th of December til the 1st of January (for 24c3) and if i can find somewhere to stay, will be extending that to the 8th of January.

i'd like to play some gigs while i'm there if possible. so - can anyone recommend me some people to contact to organise a gig while i'm there? i do improv electronics with a laptop, PD, and midi controller keyboard; i prefer to play with other musicians, ideally acoustic free jazz/free improv types.

alternatively, anyone have a place to stay they could offer over this time? i am friendly and housetrained and cook an awesome vegan curry.

thanks :-)
damian stewart | +351 967 797 263 | damian@xxxxxxxxxx
frey | live art with machines | http://www.frey.co.nz

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