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RE: [microsound] again asking for a paper ...

Hi Samuel,

you can find interesting thoughts 
related to algorithmic/computer stuff
on the issue of Contemporary Music Review
dedicated to
Horacio Vaggione, published 2005.

there is an interesting article by Vaggione
on the Computer Music Journal, (2001).
"Some ontological Remarks about Music
Composition Processes" 
(a lot of insights concerning aesthetics, 
even critical to such formalized processes)

if you allow me to say, that it would be better
to write something, that doesn't necessarily
defend computer/algorithmic music, but explores
issues on the subject. 

hope this helps,

>On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 5:01 AM, Samuel van ransbeeck
><thinksamuel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> For aesthetics I have to write a paper where I reflect about a chosen
topic. I
>wanted to talk about the value off computer music and defend why it is just
as god
>music as classical composition. The reason why I want to write about that
>because in the past, some people (quite conservative in the music field)
are quite
>negative about computer music or algorithmic music because they think that
I as the
>composer just press the button and wait. Writing an answer to that would be
>now, I think.
>> The problem is that the paper has to be an answer to another text, so I
need a text
>that talks about the value of algorithmic music. I haven't found a decent
text so does
>anyone has or does know about a text about the value of algorithmic/
>> Thanks a lot

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