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Re: [microsound] stuff

I have been watching the subnotebook trend (or UMPC or Netbook or Mid or whatever they call it) since the OLPC and Asus EEE, actually I like very the HP design and build quality, reminds a lot of the 12" Powerbook. But it only sports a Via cpu and I would expect a bad float performance.


It even has an expresscardslot and RME offers a card, but dont know if that works with Linux

Although OLPC and Negroponte landed a (PR) desaster with their latest flirt with Microsoft, the second version looks pretty cool, with dual touchscreen instead of a keyboard, maybe even multi touch but I am not sure.


BTW, the soundsystem of the original OLPC is based on CSound.

Now on Computex they show loads of new mini laptops so the choice gets bigger as the machines gets smaller...



Malte Steiner
media art + development

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