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[microsound] help required with emagic 6|2m

dear microsounders 

hello sorry to be a bit of a f*uckwit but i need help with an emagic 6|2m. 

i have installed it in both os9 and os x, so i can use it with logic 4.5 / 4.8 and logic 7 in os x. 

but: in both systems when you play audio back you get little clicks and stuff, and i think this is todo with buffer size. i have unsuccesfully tried to reset buffer size to max in the control panel in os 9, and in os x / logic 7 i can reset the buffer size to 1024, but to no avail.

does anyone remember using such a unit and if you experienced the same problem as me did you get around it? if so i'd be very grateful to know how...

all the best

ben guiver


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