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Re: [microsound] how to create 5.1

What do you mean "you need the sound in 5.1"??
A lot of programs can do a variety of things with 5.1, it depends on what exactly you need.

You already have composed sth in stereo and want it in 5.1?
Or want to compose it from scratch in 5.1??
You want to "burn" in a surround dvd-a several split-suround files??
Or sth else??

There are sequencers like logic or nuedo that work in 5.1 mode. There are programming languages like max/msp, pd or supercollider that work in 5.1 mode, there are ambisonics tools, surround plugins or reverb units, dvd authoring tools, etc... depends on what exactly you need to do..

In any case though, you will probably need to position every sound in the mix before you export it in 5.1 format, so if you haven' t done this the easiest way is through a sequencer like logic. Then you will probably need sth to burn it into dvd, so you need sth like logic, wavelab or DVD studio.

On 06 Σεπ 2008, at 5:48 ΜΜ, Eduardo Acosta wrote:

Hello everyone!

in mid september, we are going to make an audiovisual installation,
We will play a video loop and *we need the sound in 5.1*
You can see a few fotograms in www.flickr.com/mymoon

Does anyone know the better and easier way to get it?
Wich soft do you use for that?

thanks for your time!

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