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[microsound] polygrainsynth - a polyphonic granular synthesizer for Pd

I'm pleased to announce the availability of [polygrainsynth], a polyphonic granular synthesizer for Pd (a.k.a. "Pure Data").

See http://www.pkstonemusic.com/polygrainsynth.html for all you need to know, and http://www.pkstonemusic.com/code/polygrainsynth.tgz to download the archive.

I've added some examples of this synthesizer in use to my music page: http://www.pkstonemusic.com/pubmusic.html (particularly in the section "Amber Grains of Wave").

Please enjoy if you can find some use for this; let me know if there are problems (but please read the web page completely before asking!).  Also let me know how you like it.

Phil Stone

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