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Re: [microsound] Infinite Jest

I'd like to take part. If given the choice, I'd go for "The Man Who Began To Suspect He Was Made Of Glass".

I have been thinking about a project for some years now
in the book Infinite Jest is a lengthy footnote containing a filmography for the protagonist Hal Incandenza
I also have a pdf I can put up on the server if people need it

I've always thought that making these fictional films into real ones would make for a great project but after DFW's death I thought that it might make for a nice microsound project
to create soundtracks to these films
as a way to honor his life and work

so here is a proposal:
- take one of Hal Incandenza's films
and create a soundtrack to it

if people are seriously interested in this project
then please post to the list
and I'll take a head-count

if we get more than 10 people then we go with the project
if not, it will be another good project for my studio in the future

Richard Lainhart