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[microsound] Fwd: Horatiu Radulescu

i understand it is an outline of his compositional system(s). i was looking at his website earlier this afternoon and tracked down a very cool article
of his that seems to cover much of the same stuff--i think it does
anyway---called "brain and sound resonance: the world of self- generative functions as a basis for the spectral language of music" in the annals of the new york academy of science no. 999 (2003) pp. 322-363. it's available through wiley interscience, if you have access to that database. i could
put a copy on the wiki if access is a problem, but monday.

very few of us have access to the Wiley db so if you could put it on the server that would be great!
thanks for mentioning it
and very sorry to hear of his passing -- too many of the enlightened ones are dying these days! :(