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[microsound] open call for works


this is an open call for sound works for an outdoor surround sound environment at the canaan 2008 music festival, takaka, new zealand.

the canaan music festival is a yearly event running from 31st december to 3 jan. The festival is in its 3rd year and is an eclectic mix of alt.rock and electronic dance music that is family friendly.

whilst there have been an "ambient" zone in the past the current curator wishes to encourage the space as a place for presentation of sonic art and experimental sound with an emphasis on multi -point systems
 ( with a nod to the ambient roots of the past curators)

For the festival a 6-point discrete sound system will be used for playback of works.

Artists are invited to submit works in stereo,quad, or 6-point configurations ( please note there is no .1 LFE speaker with subs being handled by front L and R) ....... preference will be given to 4 and 6 channel works.

Works can be of any duration to a maximum of 30 minutes,

Submissions will be guaranteed playback on a first come first served basis until the total allocated playing time is full.

(the only curatorial control will be on those pieces deemed unsuitable for children)

total time available is 36hours. so go for it

A notice board will signify whose work is playing at any particular time.

submissions are due 21st november 2008.

This is not a "premiere" event and we will accept projects that have been played before, so please consider submitting older works you have in your catalogs. There is no curatorial theme.

2-6 channel discrete audio files **

or a "plug and play" max patch **

or a "plug and play" PD patch**

there is no fee payable unfortunately.

**for further information, submission details, and additional technical requirements please contact:


ALSO: there is a mono-underwater speaker that will be submerged in one of the water tanks of the festival. Anybody that wishes to compose specifically for this should email for details