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[microsound] performing in "second life"?

hello folks.  a query.  after having heard rolf julius play last evening at
roulette in nyc, i got to thinking about what the "experimental intermedia
foundation"  must have been like in the 60s and 70s as described in tom
johnson's book of writings.  my impression is that it was a place for
musicians to experiment with sounds in front of other musicians (as well as
other interested parties), and perhaps get feedback on what they were
doing.  there are a number of spaces in nyc that this may informally occur
at, roulette being one of them; but what would it be like if something like
this were to be started in "second life."  while i know almost next to
nothing about "second life," i was wondering if there are perhaps some
people on the microsound list that have had any experience with this kind of
thing, and if people know of some spaces that already exist there that might
be interested in microsound-ish sounds.  also, if anyone can recommend a
place to start into "second life," that would also be nice.