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Re: [microsound] platform qs

I thought my q: would be a good catalyst to start some discussions about
how dsp tools affect the way we approach the compositonal process...I've
been making electronic music for over 20 years now (my first official e.m.
piece was recorded at the New School in NYC back in 1977 with an ARP2600
and a Scully 4 track) and I must say that in my own work the tools I use
today really do shape my compositional process...I work mainly "in the box"
(Csound, SuperCollider, Max/MSP, Studio Vision Pro w/VST plugins) but what
I am able to achieve now is so much closer to what I hear in my "minds ear"
than previously experienced...just wondering if people have any fav dsp
tools (thinking of shareware and freeware stuff) that have altered their
approach to the creative process and how this has been manifested in their