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autopoieses (& a deupree oldie)

it's only been two full listens, but i'm fairly excited about the
autopoieses cd 'la vie à noir' (shouldn't it be 'en noir'?) on mille
plateaux.  strangely, the recurring referrent in my mind is v/vm
although they certainly aren't as harsh; much on the contrary, the
treatment of found samples with found hiss reminds me of
willscher/zammuto's 'solutiore of stareau' work (soon on actual cd, &
hurray about that.)  it's very very jazz which is a rarity among the 
'digital experimentation' circles (or am i missing something?).  the
circular liner notes on the cd offer some insight but not too many
technical notes so you're in for a chock full of surprises anyway.  over
40 short tracks which segue into each other ~ & it makes for a
surprisingly fluid listen.

also i picked up some vintage taylor deupree :) in the form of the
'comma,' cd.  for the most part it's some fairly successful minimal
techno (& that's not a genre that usually appeals a lot to me), but the
experimental tangents taken on the last few tracks sound verrrry nice.

~ david

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