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pfe - 25

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last night at the 'what is music?' festival...
      ...surprises, grand ones.

the first - a melbourne based outfit going by the name of
        +     "The Klor"
      two boys and their large computers playing
         dance music for those not too interested in dancing.

rhythms, clicks/sparks in sequence,
     giving the tracks some sort of structure
  over which other sounds, on
     different planes, were added.
the residue of techno still clear....how can it not be,
  they are from melbourne after all.
    thoughts move to Mille Plateaux and some of their
    recent releases including 'clicks and cuts' and 'snd' <among others>.
         and being forced to re-read yet again
 deleuze and guattari due to Szepanski
 naming the sub label bloody ritornell.
    the klor's sounds move around in the two worlds...at times noisy/free,
    at times almost beat driven   in a head nodding kinda way.

the second moment came in the form of rosy parlane, from auckland.
   taking over from a changed david Haines, gone are david's
 pianos and their overtones.    they've been replaced by
   a soundscape    drenched in repeating   noise.

     rosy's set comprised of a skipping/malfunctioning minidisc....the
tones sounding like a test pattern or such like
  ....around which a denser zone was formed.
  this was punctuated by silence. from noise to nothing...audio replaced by
the voice of the talking crowd .
    >  too short....wanting more, much more. play it again!

(boys were seen sitting crosslegged on the floor infront of their computers)

  rehberg and bauer
                          play   late.  yet another
 thick audio work.     shocking me with its layers. The sound again started
    quietly...building    up, but with the knowledge that this
      wouldn't just gradually build... at some point a
 jump/spark/break   crack was bound to sound out, who knows.
      Lost in the sound, thoughts come before
 being displaced by the share depth of sound, lost.While
this was in process Tina Frank played video.
   black and white circles/shapes resembling unknown letters/symbols
 veered off themselves. jumping forward...losing sections,
  becoming briefly louder
....resembling the cracking, granulating sound.


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