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Re: [microsound] how quick a list looses it.

> about what is heard. is     it really enough to say
>         something was good...
>     is this an interesting position?

No, it´s not enough and, no, it´s not interesting/useful. It reminds me
of those people who ask the clerk at the video store if the movie they
are about to rent is "any good". This presupposes a one-to-one
relationship between the one asking and the clerk answering "good" or
"bad" or "mediocre". That is, the aesthetic judgement is reduced to
simple concepts (appearent conclusions, but without any premise) that
takes for granted the exact similarity of the people behind the
aesthetic considerations. And, of course, since the existence of such a
one-to-one relationship would eliminate the individuality of/between the
two people involved ("we have the exact same taste based on the exact
same premise") the aesthetics involved probably wouldn´t be at all
interesting.  :)

The idea of the "good" or "bad" in this sense isn´t productive at all,
me thinks. Same thing with the "score sheets" that are popping up
everywhere. So, critic A gives The Straight Story 10 out of 10, while
critic B gives it 6/10. It seems like these scores are saying something,
when in fact they are not.

"...there is nothing to express, nothing with which to express,
nothing from which to express, no power to express,
no desire to express, together with the obligation to express."
Samuel Beckett