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Re: [microsound] how quick a list looses it.

>         .drops into 'i just bought this cd',
>   'i can't get on the server' and
>    'mego was good tho!'.

having indulged in the first category, i'm just going to wonder what
exactly do you expect?  granted, i'm pretty braindead these days & my
reviews ain't meaty but at least there's some opinion in it & it isn't a
god damn press kit rehash.  the show reviews i've read were actually
fairly extensive.  & the 'can't get on the server's are very few &, if
off-topic, remain polite & low-key.

the problem might be not into what is being said but in what is not... 
what i am sometimes wondering is where the reaction to a given post ever
is: the discussions on this list would certainly get more interesting if
there was a sense that someone was actually showing interest about them
(& ultimately, replying to them if anything constructive can be said.) 
posters would likely spend more time designing their messages into
something more articulated.

(that said, i don't mean to diss anyone for their lack of participation,
as we all have other things to do with our time, just saying how it
comes across in the end.  also:  considering the size of this list, it's
probably normal that it doesn't get much activity yet.  which is good to
a point because information overload really isn't such a good thing:
doesn't give you a second to think.)

a list is what its members make of it (or whatever stock saying that
would be fit to paste here).

~ david