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Re: [microsound] fwd fr/ idm list re: The possibility of silence

>I am forwarding a very interesting discussion that was brought up in the
>idm list- I am anxious to hear what opinions will surface. I am currently
>gathering my thoughts on the matter- 

old news. not only does radio shack sell a pair of headphones with this
capability, but buick (and probably other "sensitive granny"
manufacturers) offers it as an option on some of their cars. maybe someday
we'll see someone put it to use in a soundclash. :-)


->julie ruin, s/t : kill rock stars

>>> yeah and i was just having a cup of tea the other day talking to some
>>> friends regarding a recording of silence which would eliminate everyday
>>> sounds, people talking shit on the bus or whatever. all sounds - complete
>>> silence. i want to do it. and if you would record it to tape, the recording
>>> would even eat the noise which inevitalby comes with every tape recording.
>>> how about that?