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Re: [microsound] Re: (atom) Uwe collaborations

At 07:57 AM 2/14/2000 +1100, you wrote:
>Atom with KISS

Dont laugh. A heavy-metal-meets-electronic-music type project 
involving Kiss has already been done by a Chicago-based producer 
named Jeremy Boyle (who you may recognize as a member of Joan 
of Arc). The cd, called Songs from the Guitar Solos, was relased 
earlier this year on the Southern label and features s six tracks 
named kiss, van halen, sabbath, ac/dc, zeppelin, and jimi because 
those were the artists from which Jeremy got his base samples for 
those tracks. But dont let Jeremy Boyle's work with Joan of Arc 
or the album/track titles fool you, this album is 40+ minutes of 
shimmering ambient drones peppered with a healthy does of pops, 
glitches, tape loops, with only the faintest remnants of the source
material. Fans of southerning, cathars, kohn, tom steinle, rafael toral, 
novisad, pulse progamming, and oval will definitely want to check 
this one out. Here is the releases details:

.. Jeremy Boyle: Songs from the Guitar Solos cd (Southern/185682) 
      - kiss 6:39 
      - van halen 7:58 
      - sabbath 11:11 
      - ac/dc 3:50 
      - zeppelin 6:41 
      - jimi 5:59

p.o. box 450715
westlake, ohio 44145
united states