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contemporary passive trashspam.

>>various artists- 'contemporary passive trashcan vol. 1' CDr
ostian mele/dead culture dc002

organized via various electronic mailing lists and message boards,
'contemporary passive trashcan' is just randomness from random people.  we
said 'give us some sonics' they said 'here are some sonics'.  that's it.
sonics from all edges and layers of the spectrum and all over the world. a
product of post digital cultural assault.  like when you dig through a
dumpster and you find really good stuff (and for the record, we've never
tried this).  this is truly a sonic dumpster.
featuring exclusive tracks from some people we know, some we don't.  maybe
you know some of them: III, altemark, bauri (phthalo, pitchcadet,
saundart), richard chartier (microwave, 12k, meme), frog pocket (autmun),
chris de giere, gugusse et l'automate, pinkcourtesyphone, reynols (trente
oiseaux, black bean & placenta) sfwd, thug (aural industries, splashdown),
towel_(saundart), veerNales, and win.
each contemporary passive trashcan comes hand packaged in it's own recycled
lp sleeves and cassette tape

available now for only $5+shipping. direct from ostian mele. e-mail
multsanta@xxxxxxxxxxx for details.

*coming soon from ostian mele....
stm00 'wrong application' compact disc march/april 2000
featuring thirty non audio documents by farmers manual, phthalocyanine,
kid606, lesser, suetsu, underwood, pimmon, blitter, anonymous, config.sys,
sfwd, no human intervention and veer nales.

http://multsanta.sfwd.org/stm/ for additional data transfer

'thanks friend good looking i'll never see you again...'