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Re: [microsound] oren ambarchi

>anyone know much about this guy, aside from what touch mentioned in the
>press release?  

I know Oren, he's an amazing guy...comes from a jazz/improv background...
He has this midas touch with most instruments....

He plays noise-punk in Phelgm, um...drums in Menstruation Sisters
who sound like Truman's Water played through a cockatoo...he released
a CD on Tzadik with Robbie Avvenaim....an amazing meld of minimal
drones, complex improv and shimmernig beauty.

He and Robbie won the recent Australian Improv music award held by
our National Broadcaster [ABC]. 

>mainly, i'm wondering -- is this release *really* done
>without any computer processing/editing?  i'm having a hard time figuring
>out how it possibly could be done "live."

All via the power of the pedals.....Oren's a master and has developed a very
creative and unique style that has drawn upon his improv line to create
the jerky/glitchy..electronic sounds on the Touch CD...I can really 
recommend his 'Stacte' series [2 self released LPs so far] which mix the Touch
style with some of his earlier works...

I played live with him at What is Music..as well as Matthew Thomas...
it was a very interesting collab...as was the set with Fennesz/Pita/Keith Rowe
Oren and myself....

He has a 12" out soon on ERS


if you want a copy of Stacte or any other info...email him at