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RE: [microsound] oren ambarchi

paul, thanks for all the information.  given what you've written, i'd love
to hear ambarchi do some improv work with jim o'rourke...  

but what you've said about his work with pedals -- so is this really all
live?  or is he multitracking & editing on tape?  what's hard to fathom is
how he gets so many layers and threads, simultaneously, with varied
textures/timbres, and moving in different directions at once.  without some
kind of post-processing, i guess the only way i could see it would be with
some serious sampling delays...

this record really is something.  i've been listening to it on headphones
all day, but i'd love to hear it on a big system -- i first heard it
spilling out of the speakers at SF's Aquarius, where it rumbled through the
hardwood floors and right up your legs.  not nearly as "thin" as it sounds
on first listen.

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> >anyone know much about this guy, aside from what touch mentioned in the
> >press release?  
> I know Oren, he's an amazing guy...comes from a jazz/improv background...
> He has this midas touch with most instruments....
> He plays noise-punk in Phelgm, um...drums in Menstruation Sisters
> who sound like Truman's Water played through a cockatoo...he released
> a CD on Tzadik with Robbie Avvenaim....an amazing meld of minimal
> drones, complex improv and shimmernig beauty.
> He and Robbie won the recent Australian Improv music award held by
> our National Broadcaster [ABC]. 
> >mainly, i'm wondering -- is this release *really* done
> >without any computer processing/editing?  i'm having a hard time figuring
> >out how it possibly could be done "live."
> All via the power of the pedals.....Oren's a master and has developed a
> very
> creative and unique style that has drawn upon his improv line to create
> the jerky/glitchy..electronic sounds on the Touch CD...I can really 
> recommend his 'Stacte' series [2 self released LPs so far] which mix the
> Touch
> style with some of his earlier works...
> I played live with him at What is Music..as well as Matthew Thomas...
> it was a very interesting collab...as was the set with Fennesz/Pita/Keith
> Rowe
> Oren and myself....
> He has a 12" out soon on ERS
> http://radiantslab.com
> if you want a copy of Stacte or any other info...email him at
> jerkerproductions@xxxxxxxxx
> p
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