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Re: (atom) Los Samplers - Descargas

but i really don't think that it will be regarded as a must-hear in the Rather Interesting catalog.

I do. I do.

Lisa Carbon does not appear anywhere on the release. guess she was at her friend Sybil's house or something.

No, no!!! She was working with Senor Coconut on "El Baile Aleman" but only on one track as backing vocals.

still waiting for "Baile Aleman"

To cut your waiting short: "El Baile Aleman" comes in a very "ugly" = as usual for Linger Decoree, pink cover with four Samplers from "Descargas" dressed like totaly mad Papageno, but if you watch carefully you'll see: it's actually very bad photomontage - these heads do not belong to their bodys.
A whole Album are covered Kraftwerk classics like "The Robots", "Autobahn" or "Music Non Stop" and it's just strange and funny to hear them in a latin version, but that's all. Compared with it, Los Sampler's: Descargas is a real inspiration. For me, of course. Danke Uwe! I already burn for RI054! Burn! burn! How much fun it must be to create such crazy things as Eric Satin or Los Sampler's?!?
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