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Re: [microsound] hotline server Q's

> heh, that was my first impression too. the few times i've tried hotline,
> the integration didn't seem to offer much. have someone set up a
> fileserving bot on the channel and the integration should be pretty
> seamless..

i don't know if it's appropriate to use this list to discuss this
problem, but i would think that for all of us who don't use irc
(anymore, in my case), hotline is quite fitting.  but maybe there are
more irc users on this list than i think...

hotline has its defects, but it at least does the 'file server' job
right, which is already something.  as for chatting, for there to be
_any_ activity in that area requires that people be connected whenever
they're online, which doesn't seem to happen right now (normal, since we
all have other things to do with our time) & i wonder if it would really
be all the more active on irc...

another point in favor of hotline is its extreme ease of use &
installation.  honestly i sort of like it ~ but then again, the ads have
done their job to irk me all right.  (they can be windowshaded out of
existence on macs, though).  however, irc clients are certainly not as
immediately obvious to understand, & from recent experience, catching an
irc server is harder than ever (at least from outside the u.s. as most
servers seem to block anything that doesn't look like a dot com...)

a suggestion: if a fileserving bot is in fact set up, maybe it should
point to the same directory than hotline is using?  so that both systems
could be used depending on one's preference...

~ david