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Realtime Csound - how and what is it

Microsounders --

I asked this question to the Csound mailing list,
maybe some of you have some ideas:

Dear List:

I wonder how some of you use Csound in realtime. And
what exactly does 'Csound in Realtime' mean ?

That is, I can simply render an .orc in realtime to
my DAC, but unless I interact with Csound while it
plays, it's really not different than writing a sound
file and later playing it.

On any good synth I would expect two things:

1. Input or trigger musical notes or events.

2. Morph the sound as it plays.

How do some of you do this, and what's the most effective
way ?

How do you interact with Csound ? via MIDI ? command
line ? with your mouse ? with a signal or audio input ?

If we needed to do a show, say 40 minutes, with just
Csound and no other hardware but our laptop computer,
could we do it ?

any suggestions or ideas are welcome,

I told the Csound list that suggestions for alternatives
weren't needed, but in this Forum I would oh so love to
know what some of you run and how.



PD. Sorry for crossposting...