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Re: [microsound] Computer advice

G4 and SuperCollider. If I were you. (and I have them. They're great. )

Assaf Gidron wrote:
> Hi
> I'm thiking of getting a new computer that will be
> used mainly for DSP, and i thought some of you
> might have tips they could share about what should
> such a platfrom look like... i mean the typical issues
> MAC vs. PC desktop vs. laptop recording/editing
> software etc. maybe some of you can tell what
> theyre using, if its not too confidential :)
> I currently have a turtlebeach pinnacle sound card that
> is good for recording and sampling, but if i want to stick
> with it (there is also a financial aspect to this decision)
> i'd have to buy a PC and give up on the MAC/laptop
> option...
> anyway any advice on the subject would be great.
> thanks
> Assaf