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Re: [microsound] MUTEK musings...

Steven Taylor wrote:

> > yep. and its Apples marketing that fools Mac users into believing they
> > are superior.
> thats slightly ambiguous. I meant that Apples Marketing seems to convince
> some people that they are superior human beings by simply choosing an
> Apple Mac...

It´s not about superior human beings. It´s about more or less ordinary human
beings choosing a superior platform.

And whether or not marketing can "fool" anyone into thinking one thing or
another is also a debateable (sp?) question. My guess is that most/many
Mac-users are happy Mac-users because their machine works, not because Apple
says that you are cool because you buy a cool machine. For example: you buy
a new thingy, you plug it in, and it works. This has been the case for every
add-on device I´ve bought for my Mac(s). I know this plug&play thing does
not work as well on PCs.

What´s really fascinating is that the crapness of Microsoft hasn´t scared
people from using their systems/software. My father might be getting into
non-lineary video editing pretty soon. I would never ever advice him to get
a PC. How on earth would he figure out IRQs, device-driver-this and
device-driver-that etc.?

(ok, this is getting silly. Guess we should call it quits now).