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Re: [microsound] performan/anti-performance

In a message dated 6/16/00 9:29:44 PM, miaumiau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< last night's fennesz/vladislav delay show at the brooklyn anchorage
extended this to its logical limits. the artists apparently performed
on some upper level of the space, not visible to the audience. large video
screens displaying minimal video art provided sufficient visual stimulus. >>

any idea whether they played original material or remixed Granular Synthesis 
material as per the original plan?

<<possibly the future for presentation of this most un-physical genre of

at the 24 hour long performance of Keith Rowe's MIMEO at the Musique Action 
festival in France a couple of weeks ago, the 11 performers (including four 
using laptops, Fennesz, Pita, Kaffe Matthews and Marcus Schmickler) sat on 
the outside of four tables in the shape of a square. audience members were 
free to wander around the space, and to sit or stand right behind the 
musicians if they wanted. it was interesting to watch how some people took 
advantage of this, occasionally getting right over the musicians' shoulders, 
who were very tolerant.

anyway, this made the show way more compelling visually, although obviously 
it'd be harder to do with a smaller band or a solo set.