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Re: [microsound] process vs achievement

> A performance should create a deeper environment than a recording.
> Witnessing a band play together draws you into the music, because you feel
> part of the process.  If you can't see any of the performers actions,
> where is the value in getting them to perform in front of you?

two words: sound system.

now i'll reply to your (very) earlier post:

> I'm naive here - I don't know what reaktor is.  But I would thoughtfully
> add that if you work someone else's processes into your own, that is more
> than being influenced by them;
>   you are performing with them.
> [snip]
> Audiomulch is a great application, and I believe the creators of it have a
> strong creative influence over the sounds the user produces.  Therefore
> the programmers _of_ audiomulch are a creative force in every action that
> the programmers _in_ audiomulch perform.  Therefore, to some extent you
> are performing with the creators of your software, and as a member of the
> audience, I feel that I should at least know about that.

very interesting analogy, but then we'll just have to say that you're
duetting with stradivarius every time you play the violin...  or then,
where do you draw the line?  i see your point but it's really just
another way to say the same thing.  anyway, gotta go home, so that's it
with this message.

~ david