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Re: [microsound] Fw: [microsound] Intellectual Property

> A friend of mine who doesn't like electronic
> > music often argues that it too often aligns with conservative values and
> > runs in contrast to more politically charged movements like punk,
> > and even some forms of rock. "
> True? False? Kinda true? kinda false?
> Struck me as an interesting question.

what, pray tell, are these conservative alignments?   i'm i at fault for
digging music that i perceive to have hardly any alignments of any kind?
what are the conservative alignments of Vangelis and are they the same as
Kid 606 or Massive Attack?

knee-jerk reaction:  sounds like some faux-intelligent bullshit used to pass
of simply not liking the music.  punk, reggae and rock are all VERY
conservative musically.  politically, well, i'd have to have some terms
defined, and even then the statement is so broad and indefensible (imo) that
i don't think i'd ever be satisfied with the argument.  meaning:  i'd LOVE
to see the argument that can't be applied to his favored genres.

np:  toy dolls