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[microsound] expanding a common knowledge base

inevitable generalization 1)

the more one knows, the more (s)he knows (s)he doesn't know

i          g              2)

everyone is ignorant, and is limited to what they think they know or believe is true with the exception of our inexplicable instinct that influences our actions and feelings (as human speech ability IS limited)

i          g              3)

having access to information that can be considered true by the standards of science will broaden horizons by enabling a person (or artist) to choose his/her path of interests and actions more freely.

ex: I don't think anyone can say that they were born into the interest of listening to microscopic music (or any other avantgarde forms of art for that matter) and thus must have been informed by something or someone.

I realize that I do not know anything, (as humans do naturally create their own reality) and thus I, will not contribute to any attempt to "limit" anyone around me in the context of what we as humans find to be accepted as true within our own created context.

We should realize that relatively speaking, we are but specs in this no where near-studied-enough infinite entity of being. I can't find a point to this knowledge spy trickery used only to amuse and/or take advantage of the people not in the know.

very interested in contributions.

Xavier Madrid

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