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PROMO: Günter Müller/Lê Quan Ninh-La Voyelle Liquide

sorry for the promotional intrusion, and further apologies if you receive 
more than one copy of this:

I'm proud to announce the release of the latest CD on my label:

Günter Müller/Lê Quan Ninh-La Voyelle Liquide (Erstwhile 010)

Günter Müller and Lê Quan Ninh are both improvising percussionists who have 
worked increasingly with electronics over the past few years. Müller has 
released numerous records on his groundbreaking For 4 Ears label, including 
collaborations with Christian Marclay, Voice Crack, Otomo Yoshihide, and Erik 
M. Two more recent records involve Taku Sugimoto, The World Turned Upside 
Down (Erstwhile), which is a trio concert with Keith Rowe, and a duo released 
this fall, I Am Happy If You Are Happy (For 4 Ears). Earlier this year, 
Müller also released the gorgeous Direct Chamber (33revpermi), with Michel 
Doneda and Fabrice Charles. Ninh has worked extensively both in the improv 
and in the contemporary classical genres. His improv side has probably best 
been captured thus far by two superb trio projects on FMP, Burning Cloud 
(w/Butch Morris and J.A.Deane) and Open Paper Tree (w/ Michel Doneda and Paul 
Rogers), as well as by his solo tour de force, Ustensiles (For 4 Ears). As 
for his classical side, he's a member of the Hêlios Quartet, a percussion 
ensemble which recently released a self-titled CD on Vand'ouevre, containing 
compositions by Ninh, Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Vinko Globokar and Toru 
Takemitsu. Ninh has also recorded John Cage's Ryoanji (Auvidis Montaigne), in 
duo with Joelle Leandre.
Müller and Ninh first met and played together in 1988, and have occasionally 
performed together since, most notably in the quartet Plugged in Zeit Reel 
with Jim O'Rourke and J.A. Deane.  In January of 2000, Müller and Ninh 
traveled to CCAM in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France and recorded four hours 
worth of material, from which the 75 minutes contained on this CD has been 
carefully selected. The title was inspired by a passage from L'Eau et les 
Rêves (Water and Dreams), a book by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. The 
two musicians demonstrate their seemingly limitless palettes, slipping back 
and forth between percussion and electronics to create endlessly inventive 
systems of sound.

"The collaboration of these two percussive pioneers offers some of the most 
inspired performances I have heard by either musician to date.  While not 
minimizing the quality of any of their other superb records, this seems to be 
a culmination of their history.  Muller and Ninh are percussionists of two 
very different styles, and that is this record's strength- the sparse to the 
dense, the electronic to the acoustic . . . a wonderfully dynamic ride."-Tim 


Günter Müller: selected drums, minidiscs & electronics
Lê Quan Ninh: surrounded bass drum & electronics

track listing:

1. la voyelle a-4:28
2. la voyelle e-21:27
3. la voyelle i-13:00
4. la voyelle o-8:04
5. la voyelle u-8:10
6. la voyelle y-8:36
7. la voyelle liquide-11:16

more info available at the following web sites, or contact Erstwhile Records 
at ErstRecs@xxxxxxx:


all Erstwhile CDs can be purchased from numerous worldwide distributors, all 
of which are listed on my web site. also, all Erstwhile releases can be 
purchased via direct mail order, details of which are also on my web site. 


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thanks for reading.