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Re: [microsound] el natural

on 12/2/00 1:37 PM, Greg at gregg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>>> i remember reading that fennesz recorded his album in
>>> the garden with his laptop, now that's a lifestyle!
>> Nature? Computers? Together?!  Wouldn't ya know, Jon Appleton has been
> doing
>> it for YEARS!! (like since 1939, if you believe the caption to the lower
>> left hand photograph)
> I think lifestyle is the key-word here... yr'know Christian Fennesz sitting
> in his garden solarium, sipping Long Island Iced Tea, looking dapper in
> Armani shades and silk shirt while dozens of buxom Austrian babes play beach
> volleyball poolside while he nonchalantly records their giggling horseplay
> and runs it through his MAX Hottie-a-warp filter, at the same time on
> cellphone to stockbroker anxiously buying shares in Mego-Corp in some kind
> of dodgy insider-trade deal...
> yr'know... endless summer.
> g.
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man, how do i get in on that guy's action. i would love to digitally process
all sorts of sordid activities. the audio-electronic russ meyers! what a
life it would be!!! palmer