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Re: [microsound] el natural

on 12/2/00 2:26 PM, Dale Lloyd at dkl37@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Sun, 3 Dec 2000 10:37:29 +1300 "Greg" <gregg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I think lifestyle is the key-word here... yr'know Christian Fennesz
>> sitting
>> in his garden solarium, sipping Long Island Iced Tea, looking dapper
>> in
>> Armani shades and silk shirt while dozens of buxom Austrian babes
>> play beach
>> volleyball poolside while he nonchalantly records their giggling
>> horseplay
>> and runs it through his MAX Hottie-a-warp filter, at the same time
>> on
>> cellphone to stockbroker anxiously buying shares in Mego-Corp in
>> some kind
>> of dodgy insider-trade deal...
>> yr'know... endless summer.
> Ha! Speaking of Fennesz, I recently bought Music For An Isolation Tank.
> It's an interesting release. He suggests listening to it with ear plugs,
> probably because that's what one wears in an isolation tank, when one is
> floating in the heavily salted, body temperature water. The tank this
> music was made for, has two sets of speakers, above and below the water.
> The music is/was computer manipulated bodily function sounds of each of
> the participants involved in the project. I've personally used an
> isolation tank and it was a very nice experience, except for the
> occasional dripping condensation from the top of the chamber to my
> face.... an hour went by surprisingly fast. Ear plugs or not, it's a good
> listen.
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many flotation tank establishments allow you to bring in whatever music you
want to listen too while floating. my brother and i used to make our own
music to use while enjoying a sensory deprived environment. highly recommend