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my .02 on matrix.

(despite the packaging looking an awfully like my SPEC. cd (12k)) i
really like it... as i really like +/- (one of the most important cds
in my life/career) and 0 degrees... i think where matrix really
excels is the sonic/perceptual tricks it plays on your ears, with
disc #2..  i mean, as well as being cool ikeda-esque sine rhythms..
there is a whole element of really weird acoustic stuff going on..
there's a minute or so in there that sounds like a plane going
(closely) overhead OUTSIDE.. the sound doesn't even sound like it
comes from my speakers.. that kind of placement happens all over the
disc.. it's very effective...

that said, i definitely like disc 2 more than 1.. i mean, one sine
wave tone going through various amplitude modulations is
interesting.. but doesn't warrent repeated listenings as much as disc
2's rhythmic works.

i highly recommend this cd..

( taylor )

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taylor deupree/12k/line

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