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Re: [microsound] the fetishist - WAS Re: [microsound] nuno cannavaro

> crackles, anomalies, and the like.  The machine is simply a tool on
> the way to a result - music, graphics, calculations, architecture,
> telephony, etc - yet our commercial culture has misfocused us on the
> tool itself, equating a fast processor or modem with a loud stereo or
> muscle car.  Even my relatives far from the computer business tell
> tales of their computers as if speaking of partners or housepets.
> And so I call the computer a fetish, and I suspect that its fetish
> status will be eroded once (1) the device itself becomes painfully
> commonplace and transparent in usage, (2) the tools of programming
> are automated and easily accessible, and (3) the technological sector
> of the stock market experiences a correction to bring it back into
> contact with real economics.  And then the fetish role in music will
> pass to another object.  Again, this is only my view and my own use
> or abuse of what I find a handy concept.  Others are free to push it
> under the couch with the rest of the disused cat toys.

hey haven't you read deleuze? (is that not a cardinal sin for microsounders?

everything's a machine baby... and isn't the "fetish" simply the

you speak about the fetish like its a bad thing... my sexy feeling towards
my computer is lovely. but then people say i should get out more, i guess
they're right eh?