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microsound future - pop

	One artist you might look into is Atom.  His latest stuff, Erik
	Satin, DOS Tracks, Los Samplers, Geeez'n'Gosh, all this stuff is
	integrating pop elements into microsound structures.  Actually 
	go ahead and add to the list the superb Naturalist and
	Schnittstelle.  All have singing except DOS Tracks and the
	Schnitts.  The main release to point to from him, though, would
	be Pop Artificielle, in which he translates pop hits from
	Prince, James Brown, John Lennon, David Bowie, Donovan, along
	with a few others, into stuttering technological delights.
	P.A. is not exclusively microsound, but pretty much everything
	Atom has released in the past couple of years contains little
	passages of computers freaking out (er, microsounding?).
	I know he has a Kyma system in his rig, many of his sound effects
	are quite startling and unique... and FUN!  E-Z-listening jazz,
	Latin folk, house and techno, these influences all show up at some
	point.  Great entertaining stuff.

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