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Re: [microsound] Burkhard Stangl

> In a message dated 12/20/00 10:39:19 AM,
> cramakrishnan@xxxxxxx writes:
> << However, other
> than a couple of Franz Koglmann records and the
> re-issue of
> Polwechsel, I haven't come accross anything else he
> plays on. 

Did anyone mention Stangl's solo recording RECITAL, on
Durian?  I just got this, and I love it.  It's easily
been one of my favorites this year.  Generally very
quiet guitar, punctuated with piano.  String scrapes
and maybe some light electronics (ebow?), with
occasional eruptions.  This and SCHNEE (the one you
mention with Christof Kurzmann....another top-shelf
best-of-list mainstay) were the first I'd heard from
Stangl since his work with Koglmann----what an eye


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