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Re: [microsound] sorry, I couldn't resist...

You mean you think his music is inhuman... surely he's pretty human, i mean
he probably doesn't eat children, and he might have emotions too...

i think kim's music is pretty funky actually... like merzbow makes me want
to shake my booty. i'm not lying, he might not like emotion in music, but it
sounds pretty human to me.

now:  My Things (www.tiln.org)

> >Again, I think it's all personal preference.  Someone like Kim Cascone,
> >I think is about as "inhuman" as an electronic composer can get (and who
> >on record as disliking "emotional" electronic music) is still highly
> >interesting to me, even if only in terms of the music's gleamingly
> >impenetrible machinic surfaces  But again, its more of an admiration (or
> >perhaps interest) rather than actual emotional involvement, somewhat like
> >surveying some ingenious, anonymous bit of industrial design.