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Re: [microsound] Burkhard Stangl

In a message dated 12/20/00 10:05:45 PM, wsoderberg@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< > he's also been gradually finishing his Venusmond opera, which will be 

> parts. the first two were released this year on CD, on a label named Quell

> (http://vnm.mur.at). the band for part 1 is Stangl, Kevin Drumm, Jim

> O'Rourke, Dafeldecker and Gene Coleman, recorded at the observatory of the

> Empire State Building in 1997. the third part premiered in Chicago in May.

i don't see this label or recording at the site linked...what did i miss?

thanx for the help... >>

yeah, it doesn't look like it's listed there, sorry. that's the URL listed on 
the CD. you could also try contacting him directly, burkhard.stangl@xxxxxxx 
the only copy I've ever seen is the one Burkhard gave me. good luck!