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Re: [microsound] microsound future correction

philippe petit wrote:

> I was referring to 15/12 years ago when people doing small indy label and getting a
> good press coverage could easily sell 5 to 10 000 copies of their releases and thus
> could live off their activity.
> So maybe nowadays more people buy records but i doubt that they be buying our
> records.

This could be due to:

* compare the number of indie labels that we have today with the number 10+ years ago and the comparison should show that
there´s about a zillion of them today and not so many yesterday

* in connection with the above: the general fragmentation of the music scene (and culture and society in general) into smaller
and smaller units (microsound:) makes things more unfocused and generally difficult for the consumer; then there´s the CD-R
thing etc.

Just a couple of unfocused points on the last day of the millenium (now, this *is* the last day of the millenium, right?).

Have a happy one, everyone.


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