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Repeat After Me playlist 5/5/01

*Peter Brotzmann Sextet: Nipples [Nipples] Atavistic
*Ornette Coleman: Peace [Beauty is a Rare Thing] Atlantic
*John Adams: Shaker Loops Part I: Shaking and Trembling (excerpt) [Shaker
Loops/Light over Water] New Albion Records
*K-Group: Artificial Sound Disc [Hermes 023] Corpus Hermeticum
*Re:mnant: Solute [Re:mnant] Constellation
*Leak: Cradea [IDM Double Helix Remix Project]
*Period Three: Chrolcengh-upon-Bitrate [Folder] No Type
*Mikael Stavostrand: + [Between Two Points] 12K
*Sigur Ros: Ny Batteri [Agaetis Byrjun] Fatcat
*Rollerball: Butter Fairy [Trail of the Butter Yeti] Road Cone
*Imitation Electric Piano: Progressive Rock [Imitation Electric Piano] Drag
*Vladislav Delay: Anima (excerpt: minutes 10-20) [Anima] Mille Plateaux

Thanks for listening.

Glenn Bach
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