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Re: [microsound] commercials

It's because people pay more attention to the song than the commercial.

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> > Its a strange world we live in.  Most commercial radio stations (and
> > of public ones) will not play this music at all.  Yet advertisers deem
> > music fit for prime time. I realize that there is a difference between
> > music as product and music as the soundtrack used to sell the product.
> > with commercial radio, airtime is the product and so the music-product
> > really there to sell airtime. So what it comes down to is that
> > agencies seem to be much more adventurous and forward looking than
> > commercial radio DJs (who would have to be the most backward people on
> > planet).
> i've heard that using a song that is too well known can sometimes cause
> a campaign to backfire (though i can't remember the reason why, anyone?).
> at any rate, many "creatives" do seek music that has never been used in
> commercials, so the fields of "microsound" or "idm" music is just what
> they're poised to want, particularly if the music is soothing & nice,
> like oval or autechre.
> then it goes to their "tech/edgy" bin & they can present it to clients
> as such.  & actually, many clients are all too happy to take the
> opportunity to be "edgy".  particularly if their target market is people
> like us.
> ~ david
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