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[microsound] Ambarchi/Mathieu

> yup, and we had Stepan Mathieu and Oren Ambarchi
last nite
> at Sprawl: some stunning music. very pleasing.

Could you review the event for us? Oren and Stephan
are definetely among the ones yet to be discovered.
Both of them having a sound of their very own with a
big somewhat pop appeal in terms of melodical and
compositional aspects. Mathieus Ritornel release is
among my all time favs and I just got a copy of
"Heroin", a new work he did with Ekkehard Elers
(Autopoieses, Betreib). The promo announced it as the
"white album" of microsound which isn't too much of a
promise. It's played with guitar, drums, organ,
melodica and laptop, mesmerizing journey to the inside
of sound (and a beautiful artwork). Oren Ambarchis
"Insulation" on Touch and "Reconnaisance" on Staubgold
are also highly recommended. + b l i s s +. i'd be
curious to know what they are doing live.


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