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Re: [microsound] Ambarchi/Mathieu

> > yup, and we had Stepan Mathieu and Oren Ambarchi
> last nite
> > at Sprawl: some stunning music. very pleasing.

> HI
> Could you review the event for us? 

I guess I could try..

Stephan kicked off with his typical palette of low/ mid-low layers that for
me sound quite analogish. beginning monotone with little (audible)change he
slowly moved to subtle bassy structures that evolved out of the dense space. I
had some difficulty noticing the changes in the first part of his
performance but that could have been due to the not so qualified PA they have at the
global cafe. Later, higher frequency ranges started shifting along with low,
lost drones finding its place it the ever so thick texture of sound.
Admittingly, I liked the last two track of his set best. This is work which i haven't
heard before and had less low frequencies and incorporated more traditional
sounding instruments (piano?) creating more structure, more pattern. Not like
anything on the wurmloch CD though (or am totally wrong?). Very pleasant for
the ear/mind. 

Oren was ofcourse a lot more visual. whereas stephan sat easily, sipping his
whisky occasionally, oren had a DP4, a mooger, about 5 guitar pedals and and
bunch of other effects. And the ugliest guitar I have ever seen, looked like
it had been chainsawed... Tapping his strings sounds became audible after a
very long delay, he works a lot with delay, at different intervals. and
feedback, which turned a very minimalistic start into a more full arena of
disorganised composition. Amazing how he keeps track of what he's doing when certain
notes seemed to sound only after a minute or so. My friend told me it took
him quite a while to realise he was actually not tuning his quitar ;-))
single drones mixed high pitched sound all done on his quitar slowly turned
into a nice madness at time but certainly not losing it. Overall a very nice
performance where effect modules were more than just an addition to the show.
Greatly enjoyed it.

Hope this fuels your imagination in a way 



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