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Re: [microsound] nato free

Sure, it looks like great software, but the whole "here's fifty messages a day of cryptic ascii because my mamma didn't hold me enough as a baby" thing is a bit of a deterrent. And I'm guessing tech support responses are something along the lines of a few quotes from sycophantic emails nn has gotten, interspersed with a core dump from something-or-other, and an attachment that boogers your OS.

On Thursday, May 31, 2001, at 11:10 AM, ChaoShaman@xxxxxxx wrote:

their computers are nato
free territorial.
- stephan

is this just because theyre proud or showing theyre programming thier
software from scratch/own ideas?
why would i not want to use nato? i am pretty new to max/msp, but i am
planning on getting nato for my summer off. i've seen some interesting
experimental film and shows down with it.. and i think it would be very
useful for getting some of my ideas outta my noggin.
I guess what i'm asking, is this just prejudice / strong opinion ( i know
all the crap nn did/started/whatever on the max list), pride of developing an
alternative.. or is there some good reason not to get nato.. like serious
flaw/bug/unusable, or a better piece of software or maxextensions.

joe e

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