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RE: [microsound] kit clayton live

interesting... was the little tent over the control system part of the new
software? the video at demf looked decidedly nato with the tiling effects
and so on. 

i'd be interested to know what is motivating them to roll their own... do
they want to do things not possible with nato, or is it the ridiculous cost
of nato (considering its a pile of (really cool) objects for max and the qt
library) or is does it have something to do with the fact that our mythical
romanian/kiwi/romulan/whatever "heroine" at nato is always posting
inflammatory stuff about cycling...?

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> Subject: [microsound] kit clayton live
> > yeah-- clayton was in the back of the room watching the 
> backs of the folks
> > watching the cool nato stuff. 
> hello
> josh and sue costabile (who is doing the live visuals while 
> josh plays) are 
> developing their own video software based on max. their 
> computers are nato 
> free territorial.
>  - stephan
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>    stephan mathieu
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