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Re: [microsound] nato + auto-illustrator

On Thursday, May 31, 2001, at 12:49 PM, david turgeon wrote:

joking apart, i don't see what the problem is with writing messages in
weird characters & calling it text.  after all, we listen to weird
noises & call it music.  but maybe your mama didn't hold you enough as a
baby either?

ascii art & ascii-enabled language has a strong tradition behind it.  it
is neither new nor incoherent.  though i'll admit as to not really
understanding some of it myself, i'd be stupid to belittle it as you do.

Oh, I don't have a problem with the, um, "alternate ascii discourse". I used to like it, actually, My problem with it is the volume, especially during times when I've been on more than one list subject to nn's spamming. The content used to be a lot better, too - I could really give a rat's ass about nn's little spat with Cycling 74.

Anybody know if nato is what Jack Danger's new project was using for their video stuff at the Autechre gig in Oak-town last weekend?
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