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[microsound] live announcements?

> >it's only promoting live events...Not trying to sell anything. Hey, the
> >more info on concerts the better.
>   I agree, although some mention of the city of the show, in the Subject
> line, would help alot.  It sucks to read 5 show listings a day, only to find
> out they are in London, while I'm in Chicago......

yes, a mention of the city in the subject line should be mandatory for
live announcements.  in the case of large-scale events/festivals (sonar,
mutek, transmissions...), this may be mentioned instead.

not to be a prick to the twine guys (who are otherwise nice people :),
but i think the problem with them is that they post TONS of reminders
about their shows, making the signal:noise ratio a tad large.  when a
certain event is announced too often, people stop paying attention to it
& in the case of live shows, it also gets on the nerves of people who
don't happen to live in colombus, ohio...  (not to mention that being on
the twine mailing list, i get every post twice, which sort of defeats
the purpose of a private mailing list...)

we don't call these posts "spam" because we expect posters to be
reasonable about it...  but reasonable or not, let's not forget that
it's still a bandwidth-eating commercial endeavour (contrary to what one
poster said, "promoting a live event" is indeed tantamount to "selling
something", unless the show is free & unsponsored) & that some people do
like their mailbox clean.

no big deal, just a few common-sense pointers off the top of my head...

~ david