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Re: [microsound] why electronics?


You might look into the work of Gerard Grisey if you haven't already. It is acoustic
music that is written based on FFT analysis of other acoustic sounds.
he did some interesting things trying to simulate the sound of ring modulation and
such. none of it is gimmicky however, all very interesting compositions.
he was one of the "spectral composers"

Xenakis is perfect for an acoustic version of Granular synthesis and
Ligeti for an acoustic version of Additive synthesis.



Or more specifically, applying aesthetic/sonic ideas from electronic sound
to non-electronic instruments?

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Ian Guthrie Yeager wrote:

> Anyone been doing any less electronics-based stuff lately? Or listening to
> same?
> I'm coming to the point of view that electronic/acoustic is not
> necessarily a particularly interesting or meaningful distinction.
> Anyone else having these sorts of thoughts, one way or another?
> Ian Yeager
> igy2k
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